9 thoughts on “What’s Your All-Time Favorite Harrison Ford Movie?

  1. The Empire Strikes Back. The original Star Wars (or, if you prefer, A New Hope) still holds up really well, but Empire has a little more original action and depth.

  2. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.
    And thanks for referring to Raiders by its original title!

  3. Yeah, can’t really top Raiders of the Lost Ark. And having lived and breathed Star Wars as a child its tough to imagine I’d ever vote for anything over the space epic.

    Brian, we could really use a “When we first met” to determine the film that first used the Raiders map scene to show travel. Its a great moment knowing where the scene takes place without wasting time any of the audience’s time.

  4. I love ROTLA an TESB so badly for so many reasons that I am biased, so I rule them out and say Frantic, where he goes full Jimmy Stewart. It was a total surprise to me when I first whatched it at the time. (Witness and Working Girl were close calls)

  5. I’m going to go with an odd choice and say Regarding Henry. It’s not a great movie, but Ford does such a good job in his change from a cynical jerk (which, you know, he’s very good at) to gentle and confused man relearning his life that it really shows that he’s an actor with a good range but has been somewhat typecast.

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