2 thoughts on “What’s the Best Original Fair Play Movie Murder Mystery?

  1. Not a who done it but how it was done. I would go with Body Heat. it was fun watching all the clues fit together in the end. of course maybe I would not have been impressed as much if had seen the movie that influenced it first, Double Indeminty or Vertigo.
    Not a favorite but I always remember Suspect with Cher as defense attorney and Dennis Quaid as a juror at the trial. I remember because Siskel & Ebert complained the killer solution was unfair. according to them it was not just out of left field but not in the ballpark at all. Then when I saw there was a point Quaid finds I think it was a Presidential pin.
    I immediately knew who did it. the judge on the case was being considered for a higher position by the President. I don’t remember why but at that point it was obvious it was him.

  2. I think my favorite recently that I can think of is Knives Out. I figured out the murderer and that one of the witnesses was lying to out the murderer before the end of the film, but it never stopped being entertaining regardless.

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