4 thoughts on “What’s the Oddest Lesson a Sitcom Ever Tried to Teach?

  1. The one-two punch of “don’t play in old refrigerators” and “don’t screw around during your CPR lesson at school and get sent to the principal’s office, or your friend who was screaming around in an old refrigerator could die” in a single episode of Punky Brewster is up there.

  2. Maybe Growing Pains was trying to teach that lesson because they didn’t want people to stop watching if they found out what Kirk Cameron is like in person?

  3. Gary Puckett was his “good guy” choice? Take a look at Gary Puckett’s music and lyrics. “Young Girl”, “Lady Willpower”, “This Girl Is a Woman” soon? Saw Puckett a few years back. He told the audience he knows how problematic those songs were.

  4. A fine lesson. If there’s anything odd about it, it’s in teaching a lesson or era actually can use, rather than reciting yet again the rote lessons the spirit of the age demands time and again – which generally valorize condemnation, and the more absolute, the better. For example, a lesson on the benefits of culling from the history of art anyone who did the anything that triggers us today. Great art need not be written by a saint of politically correct propriety.

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