5 thoughts on “Who’s the Best Live Action TV Pet (Who Doesn’t Star in the Show)?

  1. How about Lucky the cat from “ALF”? Considering one of the key jokes of the entire franchise is that Alf (and his alien race) consume cats much like we consume chickens, Lucky was one of the main sources of jokes and antics despite not being the star of the show (even if the feline is featured in the opening credits of the first 2 seasons). Alf tries to eat Lucky a few times, and even was once falsely accused of doing so when Lucky got lost. Eventually, Lucky dies (of natural causes), and Alf welcomes a new cat into the Tanner home and swears off them forever.

    That was the “dark horse” choice. The easy one is Eddie from “FRASIER.”

  2. Have to go with Abraham the goldfish from Different Strokes. What an actor!

  3. I’d use the way back machine and vote for Ben the Bear, in the show “Life and Times of Grizzly Adams”.

    James Adams was clearly the main character. But as I recall Ben the Bear was often central to the plot of show. Heck, the main character was nicknamed “Grizzly” on account of having a pet grizzly bear in his home.

    The shows plot being Adams a mountain man, whom had a unique pet. Together they helped mountain visitors while protecting wildlife at the same time.

  4. if horses count, then maybe Comet from the Adventures of Brisco County Jr

    if not, then Diefenbaker from Due South

    (though the real answer is probably Bouncer from Australian Soap Neighbours – possibly the best member of the cast)

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