1 thought on “What’s the Coolest Heroic Entrance in a TV Series?

  1. The episode “Safe,” from “FIREFLY,” has a heroic entrance moment which is so iconic that TV Tropes named a trope after it. Mal and the rest of the crew show up to save Simon and River from being burned at the stake. That is another Joss Whedon show, of course. He just liked those moments.

    For a less “easy” choice, I’ll go with “The Newlywed Game” from the last season of “THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO.” The plot involves Ralph and Bill seemingly being tasked with going on missions for the U.S. government on the day of Ralph’s wedding to Pam. It all turns out to be a very complicated Soviet plot, and the normally mellow Ralph Hinkley is not thrilled that it happened on his wedding day. The show usually was a satire of superhero tropes and Ralph therefore usually did not look terribly heroic by design. But by the climax of this episode, Ralph is using the suit to break into the “secret” facility to stop the bad guys. With Mike Post’s instrumental version of the theme playing, Ralph pushes open the doors to the main villain’s office, George Reeves/Superman style. It just felt different, like you knew this time Ralph was pissed.

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