4 thoughts on “When Did Homicide: Life on the Street Jump the Shark?

  1. I’m going with when Falsone was introduced. Specifically, the moment when he introduced himself to Kay Howard by opening a bottle of aspirin with his mouth. (At least he was correct when he said it was “my one talent.”)

    He took over the show SO much, as it was obvious that Fontana was pushing him as a potential new lead once Braugher left at the end of S6, and it just didn’t work at ALL. Falsone was an unsympathetic, obnoxious character who spent much of his time clashing with Kellerman, a more popular character, plus Seda was just too inexperienced to carry a show at that point.

    As you say, it was still a good show, but going by the classic “Jump the Shark” definition, where you just knew the show had changed for the worse and was never quite the same show again, Falsone’s introduction was the moment.

  2. I think the dropoff has to be sharper for it to really count as jumping the shark, since ALL shows gradually get worse over time, even the brilliant ones that are still amazing in their final seasons.

  3. Well, if you want a sharp dropoff, the seventh season is RIGHT THERE. 😉

    (I kid, 7th season of HLOTS, I kid!)

  4. I was sorry to see Braugher go, but he was replaced by Giancarlo Esposito, so it’s wasn’t a total loss.

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