2 thoughts on “When Did Lucifer Jump the Shark?

  1. I love this series so much. I personally would argue no, it didn´t jump the shark. Yes, there were weaker episodes and some things just felt repitive, but overall, no. It was enjoyable till the end.
    But thing is, I would add it ALMOST jumped the shark with the Lucifer-Pierce-Chloe-triangle and the almost-wedding (Almost weddings in TV are just an annyoing trope for me. And Chloe´s bachelorette party was so painful) in season 3, but as it was cancelled and revived by Netflix with season 4 this point was overturned and it got in the right direction in the Netflix-seasons right again. So Lucifer avoided jumping the shark.

  2. Only Partially disagree (Philip S?) Having finished the final season, I can safely say the LAST season of lucifer 100% Jumps the shark **SPOILERS**

    But first, summary of some Near Miss Shark Jumps:
    * S5 – Finally Meeting God – As much of a fan of Dennis Haysbert as I am, actually bringing God into the picture and giving him Celestial Alzhiemers (and then retiring???).. is just ridiculous. The subtle non-denominational religious innuendo to this point was what made the show so amazing!!

    The police procedural / monster of the week formula could have gone another 3 seasons EASILY (im looking at you CSI)

    * S?? – Breaking Amenedial with the SJW storylines. Suddenly he goes from celestial powerhouse and the heart of the crew… to BLM poster boy.. IT WAS JUST INSULTING..

    * Killing Dan and bringing him back as a ghost?? Dude WHY?? How far we’ve come from meeting Kane/Pierce with the stellar character building.. All of which has taken a nosedive since then.

    * Lucifers Daughter? Time Travel? ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME??

    * Should I be God? Should i not?? Hmm i dunno.. lets roll the dice: The Michael and the Angel civil war was a risky as hell move…. that paid off!!! NOW IT GETS DROPPED LIKE NICKI MINAJ TRACK?? .. this is the first hard stop backpedal ive seen so far… absolutely not welcome

    Seasons 1 – 4 were a hell of a ride.. Absolute must see … S5 and foreward had very little to offer (though im not gonna lie,. Bloody Celestial Karaoke is probably the best episode of the whole last 2 seasons) ..otherwise, dont expect any gripping plot or story lines

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