2 thoughts on “When Did New Girl Jump the Shark?

  1. I was ready to give up on the show right before Jess got her jury duty break. There was an extended fall down some stairs that just seemed so pointless and hammy that I was worried the show was about to become unwatchable, but it did have some solid laughs after that as well. (One nice thing about a show that allows improvisation is that the cast can stay pretty consistently funny even if the writing room takes a turn, and little improvised lines from Schmidt and Winston are what make the show for me.) So I am tempted to say Jess falling down the stairs is my moment, but then later that same episode Nick yells at the random woman he kidnapped, “And stop being so mean to me, or I swear to God I’m gonna fall in love with you,” so I don’t really believe the show was too big of a drop off in quality. Maybe it jumps a minnow?

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