5 thoughts on “When Did Roseanne Jump the Shark?

  1. I enjoyed it until that horrible last season so my personal Jump The Shark standards weren’t met until then.

  2. The show definitely jumped the shark in season 7 for me. I would actually choose a different episode for me personally. At worst, I’d say it was the two part clip show “All About Rosey,” which used very bizarre and barely funny scenes to set the context, followed by a 4th wall shattering segment where a variety of prior TV sitcom mothers “meet” Roseanne in the kitchen for more clips. It was a sign of the surreal, fourth wall breaking stuff which would only escalate throughout seasons 7-8 and finally hit the apex of absurdity in season 9.

    At best, I’d say it was the season 7 finale, “Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute.” 98% of the episode is just the Roseanne cast recreating GILLIGAN’S ISLAND (with a cameo by the original cast at the end). Season 9 would be full of bizarre episodes like this, but season 7 made the trend regular and this episode is the first to go whole hog with it. It isn’t hard to see “Rosambo” (the infamous season 9 episode where Roseanne spoofs Steven Seagal) extending from this episode as a logical conclusion.

    Honestly, aside for the stunt guest casting in “Happy Trailers,” it was a more “normal” episode of Roseanne in comparison. But, yes, by season 7 it was clear everyone was out of ideas and just coasting or going to strange places. Very, very few sitcoms are still good past 5 seasons (the fact that “THE SIMPSONS” was still “classic” after at least 10 has earned it eternal goodwill from some), but “ROSEANNE” was one of the case examples of this. Very few sitcoms ended as badly as it did, at least after so long.

  3. Yeah, man, they really did do a bunch of episodes around Season 7 or 8 that seemed to be purely, “Eh, Roseanne thought it would be fun to do.”

  4. I’d say it jumped the shark at the end of Season 1. Once Roseanne got creative control and began screeching at all times it was pretty much over, although I stuck around till Season 4 or so.

  5. Roseanne definitely Jumped the Shark at some point in Season 4. All the nonsense with Arnie and Nancy and The crazy-ness of Jackie’s life. But especially Dan slowly losing the bike shop. When in reality, considering that era of American history, there really were doctors, dentists and lawyers clamoring for Harleys and leather jackets and paying top-dollar for every detail and not caring about the cost at all. Hell, I wish I had a bike shop back then! I would have been a millionaire by 1999 at age 28. All seasons after season 4 were just dumb, and everyone became Woke before Woke was a thing.

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