4 thoughts on “When Did The Practice Jump the Shark?

  1. Actually, The Practice ‘s first season was a short one in spring of 1997. it was not Emmy nominated. i
    It won for seasons 2&3

    Now if you say the spring run was part of season 1, there is no season 8 .

  2. Yeah, good point, I’ll amend! They really do treat Season 1 and 2 as a weird hybrid. Some of those Season 2 episodes HAD to be Season 1 episodes, right?

  3. yes Many of the season 1 episode were held until season 2. it was filing in for NYPD Blue reruns and The Practice struggled in the slot and Blue returned early.

    And seasons were more determined on when something aired then when produced. (i.e. When many of the canceled Iincredibe Hulk season 4 were held before a strike, it was called season 5)

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