3 thoughts on “When Did The Golden Girls Jump the Shark?

  1. Another Day One. Never understood the love for this mediocre show, especially among my fellow gay men. It’s as unfunny as Empty Nest by the same creator, Susan Harris, and nobody give a damn about that show.

  2. I don’t know how or why Golden Girls became the cultural juggernaut that it has, but I always thought it was a perfectly serviceable show. Neither extremely good nor extremely bad, it had a strong cast, and they had good chemistry on the screen.

  3. I think a major part of the love for the show, besides the chemistry and timing of the cast, was that it depicted retirement age women who still had active social and especially romantic lives. That may seem quaint now but in the 1980s, Hollywood was still ruled by a “any woman over 30 is old” mantra. If CBS’ “AMAZING SPIDER-MAN” had been more popular in the late 1970s, I am sure one of the women above would have been cast as the doting Aunt May in some guest appearance.

    Nowadays, we not only have a generation eager for shows about sassy women who are older, but who had to put off many of their own wants, life milestones and wishes, and are doing it later. Few people can afford a house in their 20s or 30s (if ever). Many people have to still live with their parents. Student loan and other debt is literally making families wait longer to settle down and have kids. Back in the 1980s, a woman who had a child in her 40s was a novelty; now it’s far more common. So some flashback to a show which taught, albeit in crude ways, that life doesn’t end just because a woman is over 65 seems to be timely for many. But that’s just my take. I was never fond of the show, either.

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