2 thoughts on “That Time Eddie Murphy Got a Bunch of Famous Singers to Say ‘Yeah.’ Just ‘Yeah.’

  1. Since Eddie Murphy is quite talented, a lot of people like to pretend the HEAP of films he starred in which tanked were just “flukes,” even if they added up to most of a decade. Aside for the first “SHREK,” at least the later half of the 90’s in particular were not kind to him. But no…sometimes he just wasn’t funny. It happens. Not every joke lands.

    Adam Sandler (another SNL alum) had the same problem, just a decade later (i.e. his prime was in the 90’s and he started to tank in the 2000’s, whereas Murphy owned the 80’s and started to stumble in the early-mid 90’s). Sandler’s “corrected” it by basically running his own production company. And having a pal within Netflix, apparently. Murphy just…kept doing SHREK sequels.

  2. The funniest thing I can think of Murphy doing after the turn of the century was his hosting of SNL, especially the monologue with the other famous black comedians and his return to Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood.

    But I can’t think of a single funny Eddie Murphy movie since I was in high school and had a higher tolerance for his family-friendly movies like Dr. Doolittle and Daddy Daycare. (I still like Daddy Daycare just because they put together a decent cast for it.) I think that his return to SNL showed that he’s at his best when there’s a darker edge to his comedy.

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