5 thoughts on “Which Celebrity Did the Best Job of Doing a Cameo on a TV Series Making Fun of Themselves?

  1. Randy Travis on King of the Hill. Honestly, if he wasn’t playing himself, he would have sued the writers for slander.

  2. Before they flogged this dead horse to hamburger, James Woods’ cameo on THE SIMPSONS was very memorable. Now of course, an exaggerated celebrity cameo is a feature for the never ending show, but at the time, it was rare and Woods’ appearance was among the best.

    MARRIED…WITH CHILDREN did this many times. Some of my faves include Gary Coleman, Edd Brynes, King Kong Bundy, and Joe Namath.

    Wayne Newton had a funny turn in an episode of ROSEANNE, before it jumped the shark.

    Not sure if it counts, but Stan Lee once did a very funny live action sequence in an episode of MUPPET BABIES. He got sprayed with silly string (which was supposed to be webbing) when a couple of Muppet Babies were interacting with Spider-Man on a comic panel.

  3. That clip is hilarious and hard to beat. David Duchoney on Larry Sanders was good too

  4. I enjoyed James Caan on NewsRadio slowly becoming obsessed with Matthew when he’s supposed to be there learning about radio broadcasting for an upcoming role.

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