3 thoughts on “Why Daisy Jones and the Six’s Finale Succeeded Where How I Met Your Mother Failed

  1. Agreed. I gave up when HIMYM got the that 2 or 3 season renewal after Season 6. No ending could live up to so long a reveal.

  2. “Because the show lasted too long” could be laid at the feet of MANY sitcoms, especially over at CBS since, oh, about 1995. HIMYM was just the “CBS sitcom that ran too long” between “EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND” and “BIG BANG THEORY” (with “TWO & A HALF MEN” somewhere in between).

  3. It didn’t succeed. It was extremely jarring and the first thing that popped into my head was didn’t watch HIMYM before writing such a silly ending (although I assume I should direct that at the book author rather than the TV people).

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