4 thoughts on “Xander’s Role in Buffy’s ‘Once More, With Feeling’ Didn’t Work

  1. Right. This was an early hint to the Whedon problem, manipulative dishonesty and ultimate (exploitive) flakiness veiling as cute and thus acceptable. Xander is clearly the “scooby” that Whedon most identified with, witty and bitter in ways that lead to a success that hes never quite able to be whole with, really most expressed in Xander’s deep inability to be whole with Anya, who’s very-unnessesary death in the last episode led to Xander’s last, ultimately dismissive line about her.

  2. I agree with Scott Fry: Xander was shat on repeatedly. It’s as though Whedon & Co. weren’t sure how to keep Xander in Sunnydale and in with the other Scoobies, so they just threw him into one bad decision after another.

    Also, as an aside, Xander is actually a diminutive of my real name. Not taking an online handle because of this show.

  3. I might be wrong..but I think the folks burning up with the singing was just revealed to dawn by sweet. I do not think any of other Scooby-s knew of that aspect. maybe I not remembering all of episode. I think I have taped . I have to watch it over again. if Xander did not know of people dying then episode makes sense…in spite he was a bit annoyed by it. I may be wrong about him not knowing folks were dying. hope I find that episode. meanwhile…folks…if you remember it better…please correct me….if so that is a terrible writers mistake

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