5 thoughts on “Classic 1950s Christmas #1 – Father Knows Best “The Christmas Story”

  1. Hazel’s TWO classic episodes didn’t make your list and only one Loretta Young show?
    The Father’s Knows Best Christmas sweater? Really???
    You have to come over to be introduced or reminded of so many more. Thanks for the list – several we haven’t seen.

  2. Yeah, you’re right, I probably should have put a couple more Loretta Young episodes on there. Maybe I’ll adjust the list in the future, especially if I get access to more episodes! I still stand by Father Knows Best for tops, though, they really wrote some excellent Christmas episodes.

  3. I just saw this episode today for the FIRST TIME. When Bud asked his name, I knew he was going to say Nick LOL.

  4. Just started binge watching the series on Prime. Although I watched the series often as a kid, I had never seen this Christmas episode. I think your analysis is pretty spot on. IMHO one of the best 50s sitcom Christmas episodes I can think of.

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