1 thought on “Did Charles Have a Last Name on Charles in Charge?

  1. This was actually touched on in a recent “Family Guy” episode, “Carny Knowledge.” Lois is trying to drive a wedge between Peter and Chris, who’ve grown SO close that they’re teaming up against her. After Lois presents Peter with what she says is an essay that Chris wrote for school about his hero, Joe Swanson, she goes to talk to Chris:
    Lois: “You know, I just found the oddest thing in your father’s room: An essay he wrote for work about his favorite son, Charles from ‘Charles in Charge.'”
    Chris: “What? But Charles wasn’t even one of the sons! He was their BABYSITTER!”
    Lois: “I’m so sorry. I know it must be hard to hear that your father would rather be a parent to a fictional character who the writers, in five seasons, never even bothered to give a last name — a totally weird but true fact, feel free to Google that — than his own son.”

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