6 thoughts on “Five TV Characters Played By Actors Much Younger Than Them

  1. My go to in this category is James Eckhouse, Jim Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210. Born in 1955, in 1990 he was 35 playing the father of teenagers, and not only was be only 14 years older than his on screen son, but he was six years older than Gabrielle Carteris! Best of all, he really looked like a middle aged dad.

  2. Meanwhile, the list of TV characters who were much younger than the TV actors who played them is endless!

  3. Likewise, Jason Bateman was playing the dad to a 15 year old on Arrested Development when he was only 34 ; while it’s possible he was a 19 year old dad it’s really stretching plausible

    Echouse is another great example tho, because he certainly looked older than Jason Bateman!

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