5 thoughts on “Five TV Shows That Syndicated Like Basically Two Different Shows

  1. What I love is when there are incomplete packages of shorter run series. I remember a few years ago watching “The Bob Newhart Show” and being stunned when they went from the end of Season 5 back to Season1! Especially annoying as Season 6 hadn’t been released on DVD yet. When I contacted the station about it they told me they old had the rights to the first 5 seasons! BTW The Danny Thomas Show is still in split syndication. Cozi ran the series during Lockdown but only showed Seasons 4-11.

  2. I think the issue with the Danny Thomas Show is that they might not have secured the copyright on Seasons 1-3, so they might be in the public domain now, so it might not be ABLE to be packaged into syndication with Season 4-11 anymore.

  3. When I was a kid in the 1970’s, syndication packages never included the B&W episodes of series that eventually went to color. I never understood that. There were many B&W shows in syndication in the 70’s and 80’s, and people watched them, but they apparently thought we wouldn’t want to see The Beverly Hillbillies in B&W. I never saw the early episodes of that, or Bewitched, or Gilligan’s Island, etc., until TVLand started showing them in the 90’s. I never saw a B&W Gunsmoke until about 2005 (I still haven’t ever seen a half-hour Gunsmoke).

  4. That’s funny, Ed, my local station showed all of Gilligan’s Island, endlessly. It got to the point I could identify any episode from the first thirty seconds, though I’ve probably lost the knack by now.

  5. Fraser, after I see every episode of a series a million times, they blend together and it takes me 5 or 10 minutes to figure out what is or isn’t going to be in that episode.

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