2 thoughts on “George Lucas’ Position on Whether Han Shot First Is Just Way Too Unreasonable

  1. Arguably, by changing the scene, Han can come across as MORE of a “cold-blooded killer” than in the original, though that’s somewhat due to how badly the change to the scene was done. In the original, there’s no question that Han is in danger, so he’s justified in shooting Greedo first. In the “special edition”, though, Greedo MISSES FROM TWO FEET AWAY. Imperial Stormtroopers have better aim than that schmuck. Han could have probably walked out just as easily as he killed Greedo, it’s not like Greedo was going to shoot Han in the back. I mean, he could TRY, but, c’mon. Dude whiffed the easiest shot he could ever ask for, he’s not a threat.

    (Okay, I’m being a little silly here, but, let’s face it, Lucas didn’t do himself any favors by making Greedo look THAT incompetent. There really wasn’t much way to make the change Lucas wanted without refilming the entire scene, and, 20 years after the fact, that wasn’t happening, either. He really should have just left well enough alone.)

  2. That’s the problem with Lucas’ reasoning here. Greedo essentially says, “OK, now I will kill you right now.” Han waiting for him to shoot first is suicide. I feel like George changed that without actually closely rewatching and paying attention to the dialogue. His original instincts were correct.

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