4 thoughts on “Grand Crew Should Get a Third Season

  1. In the first season when I pitched the show to friends, I compared Grand Crew to Happy Endings. Sadly getting canceled too soon…is also like Happy Endings

  2. Agreed it’s a really good show with chemistry like New Girl and it could DO REALLY WELL. I want so much more of this show. Can we petition to get it renewed maybe even at another network?

  3. Funny not raunchy. Relatable and not stereotypes. I’ve been waiting for season 3. I know I’m not the only one ugh. Yet they kept the gross Pete Davis travesty.

  4. I love Grand Crew even though I’m sure it’s geared to those in my kids age demographic 30s- 40s. But it cute and funny and I’ve watched it numerous times. Was hoping for season 3 and I’ll sign a petition for another network to pick it up!

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