5 thoughts on “How I Instantly Identified the Killer in Three Straight Will Trent Episodes Due to a Network TV Problem

  1. Good catch and yes, I like that show too. The CSI shows have a tell where someone who’s close to the victim, relative, co-worker, old friend etc. is interviewed very early in the show. Then they disappear. The cops/techs do their thing and then around 50-55 minutes in, damn if that guy didn’t commit the crime! As Martin Gray just mentioned, if you recognize the actor it’s almost guaranteed that they committed the crime. It’s not easy writing and making a TV series, fresh every week.

  2. Martin has a point: I knew as soon as the Rock turned up in an unremarkable supporting role in the Get Smart movie that he’d be the head of KAOS.
    The book “The Great Movie Serials” makes the same point about its subject: if you have an actor who plays villains playing a janitor or a kindly scientist, he’ll be behind the mask of Captain Mephisto or the Scorpion or whoever.

  3. I first noticed this on CSI: NY when Edward Furlong showed up as a guest at a party where someone was murdered. There are clues to the murder based on a series of t-shirts that are part of an online game. (I think. It’s convoluted, and I haven’t seen the episode in a while.) At first, he seems like he’s assisting the police and explaining the shirts and game, but they kept coming back to him, so it became obvious that he was more involved than just knowing some things that inspired the murder.

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