16 thoughts on “I Bet Marvin Gerard is Behind Liz’s Death on The Blacklist

  1. Their exchange at the start of the latest episode “Arcane Wireless” made this more obvious. Gerard tells Raymond he is distracted, will never find who was responsible for Liz’s death, and if he does, will not have closure…I mean, Fisher Stevens was almost looking straight into the camera during the exchange!

  2. I came to the same conclusion in the last episode, when reddington was about to catch the blackmailer who threatened Harold Cooper, he was the only one who knew that reddington had found him and he was able to warn him before reddington and those men do not arrive. At the end of the episode, he gives instructions so that the lawyer and the blackmailer get killed.

  3. Yeah, this most recent episode definitely cinched it. Heck, Stevens appearing in the episode PERIOD based on how little he actually appears in the episode was probably enough right there!

    But even before the betrayal, how about Gerard, out of nowhere, telling Red “I’m busy. I’ll do it after this meeting.” Does that sound like how Red Reddington’s lawyer would speak to him?

  4. Yup.
    All in on marvin being the mastermind.
    He has multiple motives.
    He has knowledge and access necessary.
    His new attitude is a significant departure.
    Telling red to give up finding liz’s killer is like the red flag waving in your face.
    Normally someone on his team would be backing up red, trying to get justice for liz.
    Is there a bet in vegas on this?
    This is almost a sure thing.

  5. Thanks! Yeah, it was fun to see a spike in traffic to this page last night before I even got around to watching the episode and I thought, “Oh, I guess that means they confirmed it”! 🙂

  6. Thanks! It’s interesting, though, that they skipped what I felt was one of the more important points, which was that Liz specifically tricked Red into TORTURING Marvin. That’s a pretty good reason for wanting revenge on her, right?

  7. The show is lucky that it has surrounded Red with enough interesting characters that a turn like this from Marvin legitimately works, instead of a just out of nowhere reveal like a lot of shows do.

  8. *Spoiler Alert* In the latest episode it seemed as if Marvin didn’t know the truth about the reason Reddington created his syndicate in the first place (for Elizabeth) and didn’t know the truth about Elizabeth and her relationship with Red either. So do you think Marvin would’ve still killed Liz if he knew the truth?

  9. Great question. I slightly think that yes, he still would, if only because while he apparently didn’t have the full truth, he obviously still had to know that Liz was VERY IMPORTANT to Red, right? So would it really change anything if he knew the precise reason WHY Red loved Liz so much? Hmmm…as I say that, though, I’m torn, as yeah, I guess there really is a bit of a difference between “Lady he’s obsessed with for some reason” and Red’s real connection to Liz.

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