4 thoughts on “If The Character is Named ‘The Doctor,’ Why is the Show Called Doctor Who?

  1. I read somewhere that the name came from a planning meeting. There was a suggestion that a character would be a professional man, such as a doctor and someone (who had apparently not been paying attention) asked “Doctor who?”.
    Of course, such stories are often urban legends so I can’t say whether there is any truth in it (I’m still puzzled by the number of references I have seen to an alleged James Bond film called “Never say die”)

    I will add that a number of novelisations refer to the character as “Doctor Who”, one episode was called “The Death of Doctor Who”, and in the story the War Machines, there is a line “Doctor Who is required, bring him here”.

  2. In the War Machines Wotan refers to him as Doctor Who The 2nd Doctor calls himself Doctor Von Wer, (German for Who)
    Mpore importantly I, initially there was a Mystery about the Doctor, the first episode revealed he was an alien, his planet was described on a few occasionally by his granddaughter, and his companions talked about the fact that they knew nothing about him, we gradually learned he waves puoneer, a campaigner for themselves of other soecues, a hermit lived in his father’s estate,she was a Prydonian who failed at University, etc
    The description “Mysterious traveller in Space and Time ” was an accurate description

  3. I’m old enough to remember seeing the first series. Susan Foreman is introduced as the Dr’s grand-daughter. When they meet the Dr, one of Susan’s teachers (Ian) refers to him as ‘Dr Foreman’ asking him to open the doors of the Tardis and William Hartnell replies: ‘Eh? Doctor who? What’s he talking about?’, implying that his name is not Foreman. That’s all there is to it. The rest is speculation. This programme made a hug impression on me when I was 9 and I remembered most of this verbatim, but I did go and check it with ‘The Dr Who transcripts’, and so can you at: http://www.chakoteya.net/DoctorWho/1-1.htm
    It’s near the beginning of episode 2.

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