4 thoughts on “It’s About Time Literally Just Flipped Its Original Premise Around

  1. Since nothing actually FLIPPED, they didn’t “literally” flip it. 🙂 Writers need to be careful not to misuse that word, the meaning of which is literally “literally.”

  2. The animation in the theme was literally flipped, so instead of going back in time, they’re going forward in time (so a Minuteman was at the end instead of the beginning of the time travel). That’s what is so funny about it all. They just took the original theme and literally flipped it around.

  3. I think there’s some confusion between the definition of “flipped” the two of you are using.

    Brian is correct in saying that the animation was flipped because they took the order of the time periods and flipped them so that they ran in reverse order.

    However, Daan is also correct because they were not flipped on the vertical or horizontal axis.

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