5 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Vanished Jeremy Renner Reality Show

  1. I imagine that a lot of these old reality TV shows are what we could consider “Lost Media” due to neither the producers nor the audiences caring about them in the long-term.

  2. “Dahmer” is a great movie and Renner is fantastic in it. Well worth searching it out. As for “It Factor” while I have no interest in most reality shows they seem for the most part of very “of the moment” with little future appeal. IMHO if you want to see Renner bumbling around as a would be actor watch the terrible “National Lampoon’s Senior Trip” if you can bear it.

  3. Renner on IT Factor!! I watched, it was a fantastic show that was very real and non drama based. I really liked him and supported his career after that.

  4. Tim, you had to remind me of that movie. It was so bad from beginning to end with very few laughs for a National Lampoon comedy (of course, I now realize they’ve actually made very few good movies). I remember hearing that they’d cast Renner as Hawkeye and just cringed based on his performance in Senior Trip.

  5. I remember watching this series and remember how jeremy renner was talking about his role in Dahmer. So when i saw him in the hurt locker, i was like, wow, that’s the It factor guy. He made it!

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