3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Mention Cancellation to Remington Steele

  1. from my memory you missed the most important part of the story. the reversal had nothing to do with fan outcry.

    Very soon after the cancelation, it was announced Pierce Brosnan was cast as Roger Moore’s replacement as James Bond. NBC decided having the next James Bond would be a ratings plus and reversed the cancelation.

    But the film company executives decided they did not want a cuttent TV actor and reversed the Bond casting.
    Makes being upset over how cancelation happen even funnier.

    However considering the relative box office of The Living Daylights and Goldeneye probably Brosnan came out ahead. I think someone said it is better to replace the person that replaces the star.

  2. They reversed the cancellation before any announcement of Brosnan being cast as Bond. It was certainly something NBC would have liked, as well, but it wasn’t the reason for the cancellation reversal.

  3. IIRC correctly Holt didn’t hire Steele, he just wandered in one day and claimed to be the real Steele and she was unable to get rid of him.

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