5 thoughts on “Resolving a ‘Will They or Won’t They?’ Romance Doesn’t Actually Hurt Your Show

  1. The same applies to Romance Anime and Manga. More and more series now have the main romantic couple hook up before the story is over so we get to see them dating for a while instead of putting it off until the final chapter.

  2. I’d even go as far and say at certain times it becomes ridiculous and worse than ending or doing the shipping. Especially comedies tend to love doing that trope to an excess because honestly yes, you can get emotions and humour out of the tension but also I feel lile it can get really ridicolous at times. Futurama and Community are great examples of that. And I know it is kind of the latter’s meta-satirical approach at comedy formulas but still… Not to mention HIMYM with Ted and Robin.

  3. I agree..although the will they or won’t they of JIm and Pam was the height of the show. Ironically Jay Hernadez ended up being correct as the show was unfortunately canceled.

  4. I agree that the will they or won’t they of Jim and Pam WAS the height of the show, but would we still think that if they dragged it out for three more seasons, ya know?

    And yeah, that’s unfortunate about Hernandez inadvertently being correct about it being the end of the show!

  5. Come on! Magnum PI has drama, adventure, and romance. Women love romance. That is want keeps us watching the show. We want to see Higgins and Magnum is some romantic scenes and be together for ever

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