6 thoughts on “Star Trek’s Ill-Considered ‘Women Can’t be Starfleet Captains’ Plot Lasted Way Too Long Before Being Retconned

  1. Another time when ignoring a bad story would have been a better idea than addressing it head on. That being said, if I was the writer and was forced to address it I would have said the prohibition was all in Lester’s mind and that it was just her who wasn’t allowed to be a captain due to her mental state.

  2. There’s plenty of books that had female captains in the TOS era before this comic. The Vanguard series had two over the course of the series, the USS Bombay and the USS Endeavour who’s CO was killed and the female #1 takes over.

    And it’s *Strange* New Worlds, not brave.

  3. It never occurred to me watching that Lester’s complaint reflected official Starfleet policy. I’m amazed so many people thought otherwise.
    Despite the appalling sexism of the episode, Shatner does a good job as Lester-in-Kirk.

  4. It was a perfect opportunity for him, as the role specifically CALLS for an over-the-top performance, and boy, he really did grab the bulls by the horn on that one.

  5. What makes matters worse is that the episode wasn’t intended to show how unjust prejudice can still exist in the future, Gene Roddenberry was simply bitter about his divorce and made a story to show that women were vain and incompetent and couldn’t be trusted with positions of authority. The audience was meant to agree with the rule against female captains.

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