1 thought on “When Friends Retconned Monica and Chandler’s History Together

  1. Two kind of interesting things about this episode:

    1) It also retconned Chandler and Rachel’s history, as season two’s “The One With The Flashback” showed Chandler trying to pick up Rachel in the bar that later became Central Perk. They were obviously strangers to each other there, as they wouldn’t officially meet until the pilot episode, which took place a year later. But according to this episode, Chandler and Rachel ALSO met in 1987.

    2) Chandler losing his toe was originally written as Chandler losing the tip of his finger. (Matthew Perry had lost the fingertip of his middle finger in real life due to a childhood accident.) IIRC, they changed it to Chandler losing toe because they thought him losing his fingertip would be too gruesome. I’m pretty sure Perry told that story in his memoir last year.

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