3 thoughts on “The Hilarity of ‘Goodbye to You’, by…Rick Springfield?!

  1. Rick getting confused for another artist? I wonder if that’s happened before…
    Feel like doing an article on his song “They Call Me Bruce”? And i think there was a movie of the same name, but unrelated, having to do with Bruce Lee. (Just did a quick search, the name of the song was actually “Bruce”, i never knew that)

  2. this was so interesting . thank you for pointing this out. although I’m not sure how the mix up came about. As we all should know that Rick does not sound like patty Smyth. Even Alexa should of recognized that…..also Rick’s song “Bruce” that he wrote was about how he kept on being mistaken for Bruce Springsteen. Now Bruce is great an all but he’s no Rick Springfield!😊

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