9 thoughts on “Top Five Fictional Hit Songs From Movies

  1. “On the Dark Side”

    Did I miss where you ranked On the Dark Side from the movie Eddie and the Cruisers?

    The movie was a total flop and yet the song remained in heavy rotation on oldies rock stations for decades.

    Hard to be a bigger fictional hit than that song.

  2. I see three “Honorable Mentions” and the number one song. Where are the other four? I think you’re missing some subheads.

  3. I love Shallow and especially that moment in the film, but That Thing You Do! is still definitely number one for me. Feels like they play it 5 times in the movie and it never gets old. (And then I bought the soundtrack.)

  4. I remember Siskel and Ebert saying “That Thing You Do” had to have been a real challenge to write: It has to sound like a 1960s song that could plausibly be a smash hit, but not sound too good because the band clearly aren’t Beatles-class talent. I think it succeeded.

  5. I won’t say I disagree with your picks, because I haven’t actually seen most of the movies your choices came from, but two of my favorite “fictional hits” in movies are:
    *”Christmas Is All Around,” a holiday novelty version of The Troggs’ real world hit “Love Is All Around,” as performed by Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) in “Love Actually”
    *”A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow,” which was a ’60s folk hit for Mitch & Mickey (Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara) in the universe of “A Mighty Wind.”

  6. I have a place in my heart for Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom”. Don’t know if it was heard much outside the movie.

  7. I think any of the songs from “A Mighty Wind” could earn an honorable mention. All of these songs were hits within the reality of the movie, so they had to be good folk songs anyway, and I think the writers (mostly Guest perhaps?) did an amazing job of evoking the feeling of old folk music.

  8. No list like this is complete without Stand Up and Shout, by Steel Dragon, in the movie Rock Star. Great movie, killer soundtrack.

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