5 thoughts on “Top Five Worst James Bond Puns

  1. As far as good Bond puns go, I really liked how Bond is cut off from his terrible pun at the end of Living Daylights. After dropping the bad guy off the flying plane’s cargo net by cutting the laces off his boot, Bond comes to the cockpit where Maryam D’Abo asks what happened to the bad guy. Bond is about to say, “he got the boot” but it cuts off before “boot” because Bond sees that the plane is heading for a mountain.

  2. Unfunny people really shouldn’t be allowed to critique comedy. These are all terrible, but if you need someone to literally have their hands in the air when they say, “you’ve caught me with more than my hands up“, then you don’t understand humor. For the record, these are all one-liners.

  3. I completely forgot about the second Christmas line. Somehow, in my mind, “Christmas in Turkey” was the last line of the film. Of course, that movie was pretty bad beginning to end: so much so that I didn’t bother even trying to see Die Another Day.

  4. I saw N° 1 coming from a looong way!
    Besides, I think that Bond’s joke on Rosie WAS written with “whip” in it, but it was possibly deemed to sound racist, even for the time, and changed during shooting. As you mentioned somewhere that movie had many issues in that sense, and they managed them terribly, especially about how they treated Kotto.
    So yes, sexist lewd jokes, ok, racist (luckily) no.

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