2 thoughts on “What Ship That You Actually Wanted to See Happen Was Handled The Worst When it DID Happen?

  1. They didn’t really get together, but waiting 15 years to have JJ profess feelings for Reid on Criminal Minds, after she got married and had two kids was rough.

  2. Good topic! Two possibilities immediately occur to me:

    Tim Bayliss and Julianna Cox getting together on HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET. Kyle Secor and Michelle Forbes had some great chemistry together, and Cox’s introductory episode had her playing off Bayliss immediately, so I was pretty excited when Bayliss finally made a play for her about a season and a half later. And then in the VERY NEXT EPISODE, they break up and Bayliss realizes he’s bisexual. It works better for me now as I know where they’re going with it, but MAN, than really seemed out of left field to me when I was first watching.

    But I think the prize has to go to Casey and Dana on SPORTS NIGHT. After doing the “Will They Won’t They” thing for the entire first season, Aaron Sorkin finally has them get together in the second season premiere (“What the hell have you been waiting for, McCall?”) and then in the second episode, Sorkin introduces the idiotic “Dating Plan” subplot, where Dana insists that Casey date other women before they become a couple.

    Basically, I hate it when shows don’t give us any time to just enjoy a couple being together before they break them up.

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