2 thoughts on “What Was the Best Live Action TV Villain Team-Up?

  1. I think you’ve got the proper answer here. The mayor was certainly charming, and it was easy to see how he was able to get re-elected so many times, but his twisted father/daughter relationship with Faith kept him grounded. It also led to the excellent season four episode “Who Are You?” that helped start Faith on the road to redemption.

  2. my first thoughts were of the two 3-part Batman stories of which I prefer “Penguins are a girl’s best friend” (though “The Zodiac crimes” was a more even team-up).
    But, then again, I have a fondness for the Knight Rider story “Goliath Returns” in which Adrianne (who has changed her last name since her previous appearance but is still stated to be the same person) uses her resources to rebuild Goliath and break Garthe Knight out of prison so they can work together.

    However, I think I will choose Highlander “Unholy Alliance” a 2-parter in which Xavier StCloud (one of the few bad guy immortals to survive their first appearance) teams up with Horton and his hunters

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