5 thoughts on “What Was the Saddest TV Death?

  1. Since you began with an animated example, I may as well keep the trend alive. I imagine for people of a certain age, they might answer, “Optimus Prime,” but that technically happened in the 1986 Transformers movie. The movie took place between seasons 2 and 3 of the TV show and the TV show reflected the continuity after, but still, likely doesn’t count. The TV show did resurrect him by the end.

    The first episode of 1989’s BABAR, which aired on HBO in the U.S., has a pretty sad death right at the start. In a flashback, things are very cheerful for the child version of Babar and his friends until a hunter shoots his mother, on screen. And then proceeds to hunt him across several more flashbacks in subsequent episodes. I swear it was sadder than BAMBI.

    My best example would be the series finale to 1992’s X-MEN, “Graduation Day.” Professor X is mortally wounded and by the end only has enough strength to bid all his students a final farewell, tailoring one line for each of them. There isn’t a dry eye in the place. They do kind of cop out at the end — Empress Lilandra claims that Xavier can live, but ONLY in space, and I guess having to leave Earth forever is pretty close to death for a children’s TV show — but it counts.

  2. i was going to mention xaviers death on the xmen cartoon but alex already did that so besides seymor i would go with buffy finding her mother died on bufffy the vampire slayer plus also animation wise homer finaly once and for all loses his mother mona as she dies right after they argue on the simpsons.

  3. If we want to go with most terrifying and sad death, I’ll tag off of Alex’s mention of Optimus Prime. As he said, the show did bring him back, but there was an episode before Prime was brought back fully where he was resurrected by their enemies the Quintessons. He’s secretly evil but returns to his senses shortly before entering a trap he was leading the other Autobots into. He sends them away and then pilots their ship into the Quintesson trap, and there’s a scene where Prime is being shot apart before crashing into the Quintessons.

    It was sad to see Optimus Prime come back and then lose him again in the same episode, but the shot-apart image of Optimus Prime was truly horrifying.

  4. Howard in better call saul but maybe it’s a recency bias. I have sort of hated Kim since.

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