5 thoughts on “What’s the All-Time Best ‘Bottle Episode’ of a TV Drama?

  1. I have to give a shoutout to Brooklyn 99’s “The Box” in which (and stay with me here), Holt (Andre Braugher) and Jake (Andy Sandburg), spend pretty much the entire episode just in the interrogration room trying to break Phillip Davidson (Sterling K. Brown) and get him to confess to killing a fellow dentist, Robert Rob Henry Tupper. There’s not enough evidence to arrest him for the crime, and they’re going to have to release him if they can’t get a confession.

  2. Great episode, Neil, and one of the examples (plus some Seinfeld ones) that jumped out to me as good sitcom examples, which is why I decided to do a sitcom version of this in the future, ya know?

  3. my number one choice would be “Once upon a time” from the Prisoner
    An intense performance from Patrick McGoohan and Leo McKern (as a returning Number 2) locked together (along with the silent butler) in a room as Number 2 tries a form of regressive therapy known as Degree absolute to break Number 6

    Runners-up include

    U.F.O. Sub-Smash – despite his claustrophobia, Commander Straker takes direct command of SHADO’s submarine to investigate an underwater alien craft only be trapped underwater with a limited supply of Air.

    Doctor Who – Midnight – The Doctor (without Donna) goes on a tour but there is something outside and the Doctor is trapped with people who do not trust him.

  4. “The Box” is a great episode on it’s own, but I couldn’t help pointing out its similarities to “Three Men and Adena.”

    For sitcoms, I also have to mention Community for “Cooperative Calligraphy” which, in true Community fashion plays with the format and addresses it head on.

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