6 thoughts on “What’s the Best Dream Episode of a TV Series?

  1. Ed., was “Normal Again” really a dream, though, or was it an alternate reality? I felt the ending made it ambiguous.

    From the same series, though, I’d nominate “Restless.” It’s multiple dreams that tie in together, and it was a nice end to season 4 before the mess that was season 5.

  2. The 9th season of Dallas, one big long Dream Season. It starts out normal enough, but you could see the writers having fun as they realized they had made the choice to just render the entire season as Non-Cannon. You get JR becoming a better human being, you evil international oil conspiracies, you get real growth and a sense of happiness for our long suffering characters, and then nope, Bobby’s back in the shower.

  3. Danger Man/Secret Agent “The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove”
    the episode starts with the lead character having a car crash. The episode that follows gets stranger as it goes on before the reveal that the whole thing is a concussion induced dream

    Moonlighting “the Dream sequence always rings twice”
    an inventive look into the minds of the lead characters as they dream about an old mystery

    second runner-up
    Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons -“Attack on Cloudbase”
    Doing what they couldn’t do except in a dream or final episode – an all-out battle in which many of the cast die

  4. Not a full episode dream, so not a proper answer, but this is my favorite dream sequence in a show. Black Adder the Third’s “Ink and Incapability” had a great dream where Black Adder has fallen asleep trying to rewrite Johnson’s dictionary after Baldrick burned the original. He awakes to Johnson arriving and panics, but Johnson tells Black Adder to not worry about its destruction. This seems like the answer to his prayers, but then he notices his aunt is there and Baldrick has become an Alsatian, and he sighs and laments, “oh God, it’s a dream, isn’t it?” as the others start prancing around. I think that is something I have never seen elsewhere – that frustrated realization that happens when you realize you are dreaming.

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