2 thoughts on “When Did Diff’rent Strokes Jump the Shark?

  1. That show was cursed. Virtually every one of the main stars either died or had a miserable life/career afterward. Such things tend to happen, unfortunately, to “child stars,” but the cast of DIFF’RENT STROKES are virtually a case example.

    “The Bicycle Man” episode also likely inspired Seth MacFarlane to include a reoccurring character in “FAMILY GUY” who was also a child molester who kept trying to “trick” or seduce Chris. Even in a raunchy, disgusting show as “FAMILY GUY” could be, that was in incredibly poor taste. But still inspired by “DIFF’RENT STROKES.”

    I’d agree it “jumped” around season 5. I’ve said it so many times, but it is so hard to think of any live action sitcom that wasn’t worn out or thin after 5-7 seasons.

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