6 thoughts on “When Did The Facts of Life Jump the Shark?

  1. How come Mackenzie Astin isn’t considered a show killer like Ted McGinley? (I’m joking!)

  2. When they moved from Eastland to Edna’s Edibles. The stretching to keep the gang together was too much.

  3. I agree with Cloris Leachman’s addition as the spot when the show jumped the shark. As stated, she did a fine job, but the show lost its soul when Charlotte Rae left. And I have often wondered if they considered bringing Rae back for Jo’s wedding, since it would seem unlikely that Mrs. G would miss that. Ironically, Charlotte Rae’s final appearance on Diff’rent Strokes was many years after she left and it was for the episode where Mr. Drummond got re-married.

    On a separate note, while Facts of Life and Diff’rent Strokes has continuity issues, Mrs. Garrett once mentioned her sister Beverly Ann in Season 1 of Diff’rent Strokes. And Bingo, there she is Season 8 of Facts of Life. Good job, Tandem Productions!

  4. I think it was when Jo moved to Los Angeles! That show was East Coast all the way. There was something off about that episode. It turns out it was the very first episode of that particular season.

  5. Just a heads up that Jon Hein did not create the phrase – it was well known by the time he started using it. For those who don’t know it began as a direct result of an episode of the show Happy Days. In it a character (the uber cool Fonzie) literally waterskiied over an enclosure with a shark in it. (Side note: He was wearing his leather jacket at the time). After that “jumping the shark” was how any show that went on longer than it should have was described. So while Hein may have popularised the saying, he didn’t create it.

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