5 thoughts on “When Topanga’s Sister, Nebula, Fell Prey to Chuck Cunningham Syndrome

  1. I think you mean Peter Tork rather than Peter Tosh.

    I think you could do a full month of Abandoned an’ Forsakeds just for Boy Meets World. I remember early in the series Shawn talking about his parents threatening to send him to military school, and then we see his home life, and he’s living in a rough trailer park.

  2. Shawn was also said to have a sister in the first season called Stacy that he borrowed a hair straightener from and talked on the phone with, but like Nebula she was then never mentioned again. He also had a half-brother called Eddie in a later season who only showed up in one episode and was never mentioned again, with Jack being treated as Shawn’s only brother.

  3. Was Cory and Eric’s sister Morgan the first example of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome being overturned? It really seemed like she was retconned out of existence for awhile there until she was suddenly back, played by a new actress.

  4. In Family Ties, there was an early episode that featured Skippy’s sister wanting to hang out with Jennifer. Like many Family Ties guest characters, she was never seen nor mentioned again. I always watch carefully when Skippy’s homelife is mentioned, but it is never mentioned that he is an only child. However, there are key moments in Skippy’s life, like when he is shipped off to the Army, where the sister is absent. I have concluded that he is an only child after the episode featuring his sister.

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