4 thoughts on “Which Film Character Had the All-Time Best Introductory Scene?

  1. My choices: 3. I would count
    entire 10 minutes of Raiders and Indy’s intro is amazing.

    2. Batman (1989) I remember how my heart sank when Michael Keaton was announced and I was sure it was 60’s camp over again. Those fears turned to cheers with “I’m Batman”

    1. I have to go with Nick Fury. it introduced not only Fury but Avengers Initiative and the Marvel Universe. also, changed how we all watch movies, most people now wait through credits of any action movie just in case.

  2. I remember listening to a documentary about The Third Man where it discussed the fact that Wells only took the role because Lime had such a great entrance in the third act.

    As for another great entrance, I’ll go with Han Solo in the Cantina in the pre-Special Edition Star Wars. His smugness, surety that he was conning the country rubes, and pragmatic disposal of Greedo definitely was the picture of a charming rogue.

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