7 thoughts on “Which Movie Superhero Costume Do You Think Best Captured the Spirit of the Comics?

  1. I think Deadpool’s suit was amazingly accurate and in the spirit of the comic book character.

    I would also nominate Holland’s pre-Iron-Spider costume, as well. That was definitely a costume that could have been cobbled together by a high school student.

  2. I gotta go with Christopher Reeve’s Superman. Even today, it just looks right. (Well, except when they had to do blue screen effects and gave him a green costume. That’s a separate issue, though.) Too many superhero movie costumes look bulky and unwieldy (like the leather X-Men costumes that look like the actors can barely move, or Keaton’s molded-rubber batsuit that didn’t let him turn his head), and seem to be made of weirdly sculpted textured materials that might look good on screen but you know it takes multiple people just to squeeze the actor into them. (Or they’re not even wearing a costume per se, but have it added in via CGI later. Having Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern costume glowing was kind of neat idea, but the end product looked terrible due to over-doing it.) Reeve’s costume just looked more natural, while also being both comics-accurate and not ridiculous-looking.

  3. The Christopher Reeves suit is a given in that he looks like he just stepped out of a comic book. I’d say the same for Deadpool. Though it’s only seen at the very end of the movie and only for a few moments, the think the Spider-Man costume that Peter Parker made for himself at the end of No Way Home is the best Spidey costume on film so far.

  4. I think my favourite movie superhero costume in this regard is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man suit from Civil War; the first “proper” suit seen in the airport battle.

    It keeps the red and blue from the comic (rather than the black from Homecoming) and doesn’t have any of the Iron Spider nanites. Plus it’s clearly a woven lyra-esque fabric, rather than appearing to be rubber or something; I like that you can see the texture. There’s a pleasing earthiness to it, like it was something you could really wear if you were doing what Peter does. Plus the animated eyes, with their focusing lenses, is a great way of adapting the artistic licence of having his costume’s eyes change shape in the comic.

  5. David, I absolutely agree. I remember Spider-Man showing up and thinking how good he looked, and the eyes changing was brilliant.

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