3 thoughts on “Abbott Elementary Hit a Rare False Note With Its Current Aide Story

  1. I’m a teachers aide and I’m glad the lesson wasn’t that they’re “terrible”. I also didn’t like this story line and had higher hopes. I work hard at my job but I do know from what my mom has told me that there are a lot of bad teacher’s aides.

  2. I have a few different friends who were teacher’s aides, and they’re good, too, so I agree, I’d have preferred them not go that way, either, but it would at least be a DIRECTION, ya know? Good or bad, it’d be a position. Instead of, “Yeah, she’s terrible, but isn’t that your fault for not getting to know her, even though she’s PLAINLY terrible?”

  3. The commercials for this show are unbearable. To watch an entire episode I would have to have my eyes pried open ala Clockwork Orange.

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