3 thoughts on “Boy Meets World and Its Missing Two Years

  1. Boy Meets World was never really big on continuity. They more or less went with whatever direction the writers wanted to go with. The biggest example in my mind was when Shawn went from growing up in a strict household with a father who threatened to send him to military school to being a latchkey kid in a trailer park.

  2. They did skip two years, but it’s not when you say it was. They mention a few times in season 2 that they’re in 7th grade. Apparently their school district doesn’t have middle school, so they went from a K – 6 elementary school to a 7 – 12 high school, which does happen in certain school districts. The missing years happen sometime between the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 5 because the end of season 2 shows Shawn moving in with Mr Turner and the end of season 3 has Shawn moving in with his dad, who they say was chasing after Shawn’s mom for one year. The next time we get a hint at their ages is the first episode of season 5 when they start their senior year of high school.

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