2 thoughts on “Five Surprising Rap Performances in Movies

  1. How about “THE GUYVER” from 1991? It was based off of a Japanese manga and released the same year that the second Ninja Turtles movie hit by the same studio (New Line Cinema), who wanted to have two franchises relying on rubber-suited monsters. Jimmie Walker (yes, J.J. from “Good Times”) voices one of them, M.C. Striker, and briefly appears in his human form. The premise is that a teenager stumbles upon an alien suit of armor which was stolen from an evil corporation which secretly transforms people into monsters via alien technology. It’s a sci/fi action sort of comedy. Did you ever expect to hear Jimmie Walker doing an awkward rap while voicing a scary monster for a low rent sci-fi movie? Well, it happened, and it was weird.

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