2 thoughts on “Five Teen-Centric TV Shows That Actually Embraced the Move to a College Setting

  1. It is a limited example, but “Married…With Children” embraced Bud Bundy (David Faustino) not only graduating high school, but even being the first Bundy to graduate college near the end of season 10. A few episodes in the later series either had scenes at his school (Trumaine University), including a backdoor pilot, and feature a few of his dorky college friends. Of course, after graduating college, his only “career” was becoming his sister Kelly Bundy’s manager as by then she’d transitioned into being a professional actress. And he moved into the basement of their family home (which at the time was routinely mocked, but some 10-20 years after the show ended became an all too common theme for college grads to move back home or just never leave, period).

  2. Yeah, but family shows have always been more able to pull off stuff like that (so long as the kids attended nearby colleges, of course). That’s why I specified teen-centric shows, because you go to family sitcoms and you gets LOTS of examples, including most of the earliest family sitcoms like Father Knows Best (Betty graduates college in the finale) and My Three Sons (Mike and Robbie both graduate college on the series).

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