5 thoughts on “Five TV Shows Whose Titles Quickly No Longer Matched Their Premise

  1. ABC’s current show “The Rookie” starting Nathan Fillion is another show where the title no longer fits. Now in its 4th season, Officer Nolan “graduated” early in season 3 (if I’m remembering correctly) and is not longer a rookie. There is a new rookie cop who is not featured all that prominently.

  2. The title Welcome Back, Kotter was outdated for the fourth season. Gabe Kotter was barely on. Julie Kotter was still a regular supporting character, now working at Buchanan High, but since she hadn’t graduated from there like her husband had, there was no need to welcome her back.
    Similarly, Shirley was absent from most of the final season of Laverne and Shirley.

  3. To be fair, they changed the name from “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place” to just ‘Two Guys and a Girl’ for the last two seasons.

  4. It had occurred to me that the title of the show “The 100” had quickly lost it’s meaning.
    The 100 referred to the 100 young offenders sent down from the Ark to the Earth’s surface to see if it was safe.
    Technically, the title could have been said to have become incorrect when 1 of the 100 died, however, the Ark crashlanding at the end of the first season changed the concept so much that the title had lost it’s meaning as the survivors of the crashlanding were now mixed with the survivors of the 100
    Later seasons tried to bring a new meaning to the title

    Scottish detective series Taggart kept it’s meaning for 10 years until the lead actor died and then continued for another 15 years not featuring any character named Taggart

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