3 thoughts on “Ed O’Neill’s Disheartingly Out of Touch Take on His Feud With Amanda Bearse

  1. He was a product of another time. You can’t expect to teach an old dog new tricks.
    I’ve experienced this many times in the indie film world. You can’t expect everyone to be not woke but simply aware.

  2. As Brian mentions, this interview was almost 20 years after MWC went off the air. If Ed had professional gripes about Amanda, he had plenty of time to learn to express them. His stated opinions are strictly about her sexuality and how he was a bigger star than she was. He’s not even waking up, let alone admitting that Amanda deserves the minimum of professional and personal respect.

  3. I’d seen these before, and while I am a fan of MWC and O’Neill, I totally agree they’re a bad, bad look. Ed at least acknowledges that he was “mean” and that Amanda Bearse was justified in some of her feelings and attitudes towards him, which shows some self awareness. I’d like to hope Ed’s evolved a bit since 2013. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if that animosity is one reason why a “reunion” special or whatnot hasn’t been possible.

    The show ran 11 seasons but by about season 8-9 I think everyone was worn down. It still is a shame Fox never gave it a proper finale; they just stopped ordering episodes. The cast only found out about the cancellation from tabloids.

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