6 thoughts on “Playing TV Bingo With Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  1. You could argue that “Far Beyond the Stars” counts as a dream episode, but tjat alone doesn’t get you the bingo.

    Although most appearances of Quark’s mother took place elsewhere from the space station, she did travel there in Season 6’s “Profit and Lace” which should count as an actual *visit* from a wacky relative, which gets you your diagonal bingo.

  2. What about Kira’s love interest of Shakar (sp?). He died due to an illness that kept growing.
    Lwaxana Troi almost got married but ended up married to Odo instead.
    I agree about Quark’s mother being a “wacky” relative.
    The Dominion did have the DS9 crew in a “dream” episode of sorts to see how they would respond to the Dominion coming into the Alpha Quadrant.
    It was a B story in an episode but Worf got stuck watching Mile’s O’brian’s baby during a good portion of an episode.

  3. Dr. Bashir, I Presume? is a Wacky Relative Visits. (Facets is too, in a way. Curzon is essentially Jadzia’s Wacky Relative and his temporarily taking over Odo’s body to hang out with Sisko is a visit)

    Distant Voices, Extreme Measures, and The Search, Part II are Dream Episodes

    The Abandoned, The Begotten, and Time’s Orphan are Stuck Watching Kid for a Whole Episode

    Trials & Tribble-ations is Meets Celebrity For Some Reason

    I think Ziyal’s death in Sacrifice of Angels counts as Guest Star Love Interest Killed, as does Bareil’s in Life Support

  4. I also think Bareil counts for gust start love interest killed.

    I wonder if Fenna from “Second Sight” counts? She was a psycic-projection, and Sisko fell in love with her, only for the woman who was projecting her to wake up, causing Fenna to disappear. The effect for Sisko was the same.

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